Birthday Parties

Don't want to have the party at your house? Check out these fun ideas.

Bring your daughter and her friends to the Pinkadilly Tea Room for a fancy birthday to remember. They provide fun hats to dress up in while you enjoy your tea from beautiful china.

The Playroom is an indoor amusement center for kids of all ages, where you can bring the whole family to play & have fun! Inside you'll find a variety of large, interactive inflatables (aka moon bounces), a pretend town (grocery store, playhouse, kitchen, dress up, etc), arts & crafts, snack bar, new friends to meet, party rooms.....lots to climb on, jump off, crawl through & slide down! Everyone is welcome at The Playroom!

My Own Dance Party is the fun alternative to tired old party games. Two professional dance teachers will come to your party, ready to teach a fun, original dance routine to the birthday girl and her guests, leaving chaperones free to relax!

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