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NCAC Aquia District

Girl Scouts

4-H Clubs
Stafford 4-H: Charitable Donations
Stafford County has put together a really nice list of ways that you can donate time or goods in the Stafford Area if you'd like to become involved.

Mom's Groups
No Drama Mama's is a playgroup for families in and around Stafford, Quanitco & Fredericksburg Virginia. They are a diverse group of moms with a wide age range of children. Their group serves the needs of all of their familes. They have meetups during the week for stay at home moms as well as night and weekend events for working moms. They strive to have events for all of their diverse families.

Stafford Super Moms... Looking for a group of women who are further along on their life journey AND mommies of babies/toddlers/ and preschoolers? Are you looking for women who have done the 9 to 5 and are now stay-at-home moms? Are you looking for stimulating conversation, encouraging friendships, and opportunities for your children to make new friends and have fun? Stafford Super Moms would love to have you come join them!

Fredericksburg Area Mother's of Multiples Whether you are expecting twins, triplets (or more!) or if your multiples have been here for a while, there's a place for you in the Fredericksburg Area Mothers of Multiples Club (FAMOMC). FAMOMC is a non profit club formed to provide a supportive network of friends with common joys and challenges. Meet with FAMOMC to share experiences, gain information, and socialize with other families of multiples. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at Mary Washington Hospital at 7:00 pm.

MOMs Club of Stafford is a nonprofit support group for stay-at-home mothers. The International MOMS ClubŪ is the only national support group specifically for stay-at-home moms. The group was founded in 1983 in California and has grown to include over 1500 chapters across the country. The main guidelines of the group include children are welcome at all functions, meetings during the day when moms need the most support and we are involved in charity work.

REACH Homeschool Group's goal is to offer meaningful and educational opportunities for all homeschoolers in the Virginia area. They are a very active group that participates in many fieldtrips and workshops for children of all ages.

Stafford VA Moms A group for moms who live in or around Stafford VA who want to get to know other moms in Stafford (both moms of twins and singleton moms), and possibly meet for playdates.

Child Care (This is a list of sites that offer services to find childcare. VAFA is no way is affiliated with these sites, nor is it in any way responsible for services provided. This list is for your information purposes only). lists sitters by zip code. is America's largest online nanny source. You can search for a child care provider using various criteria.

Chi AuPair USA provides quality live-in childcare for busy American families by legally sponsoring carefully screened au pairs from around the world.

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